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PDF files of POSTER presentations during conference (by session)

The numbers at the beginning of file names are the abstract identification numbers. These abstract ID numbers can be found in the Volume of Abstracts (also available via Home of this web site).

Only those PDF files are available here for which the poster authors have submitted a PDF file for this web publication.

The poster presentations within a session are listed in the sequential order of abstract ID numbers, as it is done in the conference programme.

Session A
Research for increasing system knowledge: understanding and modelling the hydro(geo)logical, geochemical and biochemical reality

Session B
Impact of climate change and weather variability: assessment of effect on groundwater and surface water quality and distinguishing from effect of human behaviour

Session C
Assessment of effects of Programmes of Measures on water quality on a regional and national scale - Monitoring and modelling changes in water quality

Session D: Field research & modelling for quantifying effects of farming practices and changes in land use

Session E: Monitoring, modelling and management of water quality in protected areas

Session FG: Decision-making on and implementation of Programmes of Measures




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