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Abstracts from members of Scientific Advisory Committee (as per 23 March 2013)

Lærke Thorling, Denmark
Abstract #20
How protection zones and land management restored nitrate contaminated groundwater on the Island of Tunø, Denmark

Thomas Harter, USA
Abstract #41
Nitrate and drinking water in California agricultural regions: Assessment and solutions

Thomas Harter, USA
Abstract #42
A historic perspective on current challenges to regulate groundwater pollution from nonpoint sources in California

Brian Kronvang, Denmark
Abstract #46
Background phosphorus concentrations in Danish groundwater and surface water bodies

Frank Wendland, Germany
Abstract #54
Conceptual model for the evaluation of measures to reduce nitrate pollution of groundwater

Oene Oenema, The Netherlands

Abstract #57
Differentiation of pedo-climatic zones in Europe to indicate the risks of nutrient leaching and runoff

Esther Wattel, The Netherlands
Abstract #65
Influence of emission reduction policy on rainwater and groundwater quality during the 1988-2011 period in the Netherlands

Marco Acutis, Italy
Abstract #111
Experience in building and apply an expert system for agricultural nitrogen management at regional level

Tim Burt, Great Britain
Abstract #134
Farming for water quality: Managing long-term nitrate pollution in UK river basins [presented by Nicholas Howden]

Marianne Bechmann, Norway
Abstract #139
Mitigation measures to reduce phosphorus losses from an agricultural area in Norway

Stephen Foster, Great Britain
Abstract #143
Promoting groundwater-friendly agricultural land-use policy – Relevance of EU experience to a hungry world

Pavel Rosendorf, Czech Republic
Abstract #151
Eutrophication of inland water and phosphorus source apportionment – Different tools according to Nitrate Directive and Water Framework Directive

Daniel McGonigle, Great Britain
Abstract #209
Turning good science into good policy on agriculture, water quality and other objectives: A UK perspective

Ralf Eppinger, Belgium
Abstract #227
Nitrate indicator  – Instrument for evaluation and prediction of changes of nitrate contents in groundwater

Rüdiger Wolter, Germany
Abstract #240
Reducing nitrate pollution in German groundwater bodies

Ruth Grant, Denmark

Abstract #244
Implementation of Danish Action Plans to reduce nutrient losses from agriculture to the aquatic environment





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